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Pulling together your top sales force for a vacation is indescribable – which is where your company incentive trips photographer comes in. Images that reflect the benefits and rewards of the experience can expand the performance you get from other employees.


Raising Your Profits

It’s more than a “business trip.” What business incentive program photography will show you is that travel designed to reward performance has a synergy that unites your team. Your top-tier performers aren’t doing deals in collared shirts and slacks – they’re mixing it up on beachfronts, poolside, or on the slopes.

Freebies and giveaways are almost always a popular item. But when your business’ bottom line depends on it, you want to make it part of your hiring package. A huge percentage of companies include incentive travel to court the best employees for an edge in hiring. Top performers want to be recognized and rewarded, which is easily done when you carve out the time and budget for an incentive trip.

When you have to replace your highest earners, you get better results when your interviews with job candidates accompany visuals, such as company incentive trips photography.

The Incentive Research Foundation analyzed the successful travel incentive program of a large American company. They found that establishing a rewards trip based on performance has a sizable impact on your bottom line.

You’re putting thousands of dollars on the line for the trip – you don’t want an amateur in charge of your corporate event photography. The skilled business trip photographers at Coldea Productions have traveled the world. There’s no hand-holding necessary – just communicate your specific needs and your shot list and we’ve got it covered.

A few hot tips from the Incentive Research Foundation include:

  • Push the trip all year to keep earners motivated (use incentive trip photography)
  • Include leisure time and interactive sessions (your corporate photographer captures everything from luaus to tour groups)
  • Choose a desirable location (get company trip photos in tropical places)
  • Company leadership personally hosted the trip (better than corporate headshots – get C-suite execs at play)

You probably know these are important aspects of an incentive program, but you may underestimate the value of professional event photography to maximize profits and raise morale.


Using Incentive Trip Photography to Further Company Goals

One of the biggest benefits to the travel program, according to the foundation, is its contribution to the company’s culture. And nothing’s more useful to that end than company incentive trip photography.

Millennials are known for their fluid lifestyle. They choose to work not only for the paycheck – they want to really enjoy what they do. And because of that, the vibe they have at your company affects their output – and their desire to stay.

By using company incentive trips photography to build team spirit, you make it a better place to work and one of the results is a camaraderie that develops.

As company executives who look for opportunities to scale the business, the mileage you can get from the corporate event photos is powerful. For starters, it becomes a part of your new incentive program for the coming year. A company incentive trips photographer captures the kind of bonding that takes place at rewards functions.

The professionals at Coldea Productions are globally educated and have worked abroad and at home. We travel with your company and capture both the sight and the spirit of the experience.

The images from this year’s trip will forecast the payoff – an amazing vacation with other staff. And that serves to rally the troops to excel. Hiring a company incentive trips photographer is a small price to pay for the benefits to you and your valuable employees.

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