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Our approach toward creating the best original business stories is quite simple: we meet with the client to understand the purpose of each video, develop the right team in order to bring the business story to life.

Corporate video production requires a lot of planning prior to the actual production. It also involves a great deal of patience, focus, and originality.
On the first client meeting we would like to develop the strategy. That’s when we get together with the client and listen to what the project should attain. During the meeting, we discuss matters such as project’s background, target audience, content, logistics, and timelines.



After the initial meeting, we work with our team in order to create the most cost effective plan for the client’s project. We develop the Client Proposal – a document that proposes concepts, outlines the story, presents all requirements to execute each concept, and includes the project schedule.

Remember, a corporate video speaks volume about the business. This is why the producer should have a clear blueprint on how to handle the process.

  • The point of focus – A professional corporate video producer gives the viewer all the attention required. The producer can achieve this by focusing on business story so that the viewer can relate to the video. Clients need to tell the story of their business throughout video.
  • Identify the target audience: The producer should understand and work closely with the client in order to identify the correct audience that intends to reach.
  • Connect with the viewers: We strive to deliver a video that connects emotionally with the target audience. People get attracted to products and services that address their emotions and feelings at a personal level.
  • Shared values: When a producer shares their views and beliefs with the viewers, confidence and trust in the product comes naturally.


Once the script was developed, our team starts production on the date agreed by the client. That’s when we prepare and define all details leading up to the shoot. Our team will work to identify talent (if other than the corporate team), scout locations (if other than client’s location), develop the operating crew and equipment, and develop the production schedule that outlines each day of production.

Upon approval of the approach outlined in the production schedule – we begin filming. This phase of the project is pretty self-explanatory. Our crew heads out to conduct interviews, shoot b-roll… pretty much all of the original content needed for your project



After all the information was captured for your project we present all the information to our editorial team. Our editors will organize the data, search for music (or work with the music provide by client), begin the development of the business story, and incorporate voiceover (if necessary) for the first cut.

The first cut provides your team with the opportunity to provide feedback and ensures that your video meets your team’s expectations. We typically offer our clients two edits to the first cut, this way we eliminate the risk of going outside the project schedule. The client will have the opportunity to review the first cut and provide feedback in order to address any structural changes to the video and confirm music selection and graphics. Based on the first rounds of inputs our team will take all changes into consideration and present the client with an updated version. From this point, the client might make one round of changes, if necessary, before we present them with the final cut.

The final cut phase will include color correction, audio/sound adjustments along with finishing touches in order to create an original and captivating video.

And here we are … We created your original business story! Now you are probably eager to show your video and draw more business your way. We deliver your video ready for social media upload;burn DVD/Blu-rays or USB drives. All you have to do is let us know the preferred method of delivery!

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