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How to Safely Send Legal Documents

When you are sending legal documents, careful consideration is necessary to protect the sensitive data and information inside. Whether you are sending a personal document or finalizing a business deal, it’s essential to avoid a data breach. Scammers are getting more creative and finding new ways to steal information, which is why it is more important than ever to be proactive about protecting your documents.

Implementing a few preventive measures takes minimal effort and can save you a lot of problems and headaches in the future. Here are a few tips to consider:

Sending Documents in the Mail

Sensitive documents can be sent through the mail system safely. In fact, there are federal laws protecting mail that is sent through the United States Postal Service. Follow these steps to ensure safe and timely delivery:

  • Check and double-check the recipient’s address to make sure you are mailing the documents to the right location. Consider using an address validation tool.
  • Send a digital message to the recipient to let them know that these legal documents are coming through the postal service.
  • Use sturdy office supplies, such as strong, thick privacy envelopes. Consider using document mailers with a cardboard insert to reduce the likelihood of the paperwork being bent or folded.
  • Choose USPS through a courier that you can trust. There are options such as insurance coverage and certified mail to ensure deliverability and security.

When you are sending the original documents, always keep backup copies in case the documents are lost in transit.

Digital Encryption for Online Legal Documents

If you need to share files online, then an encrypted tool is the ideal method. These tools make everything unreadable until the recipient receives and decrypts the files. So, if the documents are intercepted in transit, the information will be indecipherable since it is encrypted.

Many file-sharing software solutions have built-in encryption solutions. They are designed to share documents and files between two or more people, while ensuring safety and security every step of the way.

Online Faxing for Optimal Digital Security

Don’t be mistaken in assuming that faxing is an outdated method for file sharing. Today, many individuals and businesses continue using online faxing to exchange documents. Instead of having a physical fax machine, these digital files can be transferred using many different devices.

For example, with Faxage online faxing, you can use the online faxing app from your phone, tablet, or computer. Regardless of your location or the type of documents you are sending, this digital file transfer is convenient and safe.

It’s simple to take a photo of the paperwork and send it through the app. One notable benefit is that you can share the legal documents and also collect electronic signatures as needed.

Built-in security features through online faxing allow you to exchange documents without worrying about the safety or security of your information. In fact, online faxing is considered a safer method compared to traditional faxing, because the documents are encrypted and go straight to the recipient instead of a shared fax machine.

Written by Becki Andrus

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