How to Create Content That Boosts Your Online Presence?

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How to Create Content That Boosts Your Online Presence?

A well-functioning social media presence can do wonders for your business. You have already created accounts and profiles to promote your activity on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and despite this, your sales are always at the same point. Every effort you make to be present on social networks is ineffective if they do not generate any commitment. The source of your difficulties may be a lack of strategy or a lack of engaging content.

How to create engaging marketing content?

So it will be a question of creating a content which will reinforce your presence on the social networks and this can only be favorable thanks to the establishment of a continuous watch by a company specialized in the numerical management like eCommerce development company or eCommerce development, who can define with you a marketing content management strategy, improve and preserve your online presence with specific tools.

Do you know what remarkable content is?

The remarkable content is distinguished by the fact that it is tailored for a particular audience and provides a precise answer. It is first and foremost a strong attempt to solve the problem of its audience. It is a content that pushes the reader to exclaim, to jump, to make him think of his 18 years. This content is shared on social networks like a virus, he comments dozens of times. After long weeks, we always remember. This is the type of content you need to produce today! The benefits of good content are many:

  • It will drain additional traffic to your corporate site;
  • It will better position your site on the search engines;
  • It will generate leads;
  • It will bring sales in the medium term;
  • Lastly, he will position you as an expert, a specialist in your field.

One of the fatal mistakes that people make is to create content without considering their real target.

Define the concern of your audience

Why is it important to track the concern of your audience? Because you will not have anything to say to them if you do not know what they need, the ones they are suffering from. At best, you will be producing inappropriate content for your current audience. You will be disappointed that no one comments on your publication, does not share. And that’s not what you want.

Create content that focuses on the interests of your ideal client

Defining content is good or bad is difficult because it is very much related to the perception of your target audience. What is considered good and relevant for some will not necessarily be for others! Voting content will be considered relevant if it responds to a nagging request or a need for information. If you find and create content in accordance with this request, the engagement will surely follow. Unfortunately, you are not alone on the internet! Therefore having relevant content is not enough, because there are thousands of resources on the internet that can meet the expectations of your ideal customer.  A new challenge is emerging then, how to attract the attention of your target ?! One of the ways you have is to pay attention to your title. It must be neat and engaging, it must clearly describe the information that the user will find in your content.

Create engaging and provocative content

Do you know what makes popular articles on social networks? It is their ability to elicit the opinion of readers. Your content should always be designed so that it appeals to the reader.  This can be through direct solicitations such as rhetorical questions, calls to action at the end of the article, or indirect ones like using factual facts. Still, the reader must feel concerned about your content, he must recognize himself in the content. The second technique is to use provocative topics or the use of titles based on snapshots. The only way to maintain success over the long term is to continually engage people with its content.

Create graphical elements that invite interactivity

Studies have shown that man learns faster when it is represented by images. The visual actually allows a welded anchor of information in the human cerebral cortex. It is not for nothing that you see people more captivated when there is an image, not to mention that the visual look pretty. You now have reasons to use it in your content. It can be photos, screenshots, computer graphics or videos If you want your audience to interact with you on social networks, make it easy for them! Integrate graphics and interactive elements into your content. To do this, you can rely on the tools offered by social networks. For example, with your Facebook page, you can customize the tabs, add visuals or use the applications that are available to you. These tools and applications will help you create more visible and engaging pages for your audience who will be more able to interact with you. These custom pages can be designed to include a wide variety of features that your target will find, no doubt, interesting. Once you’ve caught your target’s attention with your content, the second step is to engage your readers, catch their attention long enough for them to read through your prose! To achieve this, you need an extra boost, a seductive element that will take you to the next stage.

Write well and without mistakes

Who likes to read a text full of grammatical mistakes, spelling or typing? Nobody. And the thing is, you can have the best content in the world, but if you’ve left a lot of mistakes here and there, then you’ve gone very wrong.  Use nouns or adjectives instead of adverbs. Have you mastered the art of using complex and voluminous sentences? Know that you annoy your readers.  The simple sentence is to be prioritized. Adopt the structure subject + verb + complement. Make life easier for everyone. You have no chance to distinguish yourself positively with a bad writing style and mistakes to infinity.

Write as simple as possible

Do you know the mental game that comes into play when you write to children? Your brain is making an effort to simplify the transmission of knowledge.  Do the same with your readers, forget that they are adults and educated. By grace, give up your pedantic and philosophical language. Your readers do not need an umpteenth course in literature.  What your reader needs are to quickly consume your content. Besides, you know, he has no time before him; he is a being in a hurry, too solicited by his environment.

Create content with your fans

What better way to generate commitment than to involve real people, to make real sharing experiences! Your best ambassadors are your fans, your customers! Create photo albums, videos highlighting your customers. Videos in which they use your products, photos on which they have seen them attending your conferences … (Of course, it is advisable to always ask them their authorization)

Create original content

Content is created every day on the web. You have decided to create content too? The entire better. But you will have to stand out from the crowd. As we know, it is difficult today to create content from scratch.

So many blogs or people have already addressed the topic you want to address. But you have to find out how you are going to be different. It’s up to you to create lightweight content, but do not forget this: our old Google friend is watching. Your content must be distinguished by its depth; the angle you will approach must appear new. It is in this logic that you will have the chance to be seen, and by men and by search engines.

Put a personal touch into your content 

A good way to boost engagement on your social networks is to share a bit of yourself, to show behind the scenes of your activity or to lift (a little) the veil on your private life. In general, people who follow you appreciate this type of more personal sharing that generates more commitment. These strategies are obviously applicable to all social networks, but let’s take the example of Twitter this time. Sometimes solo entrepreneurs only put their business name, and their business name on Twitter does not know their name or their first name. This is a shame because sharing your identity is one way to make your account more “human”. If your Twitter is a collaborative account, you can name the contributors in the bio space. Participate in conversations, show yourself grateful when people share your content. A simple “thank you” will be appreciated; a response to a message will probably increase the engagement of your audience. Spice up your tweets with a hint of humor.

Create gifts, set up contests

To make your content more attractive, you can offer contests, promotions, gifts that will interest your ideal customer enough to join you.

Write concise and accurate

The web is like a battleground where you continually fight against several other factors in order to attract readers’ attention. They have unread mails in their mail, they have messages on their Facebook account. There are so many distractions around them that it’s hard for them to pay attention to something more interesting. If your content is concise, accurate and well presented, readers will appreciate it for sure.

There is no point in making long texts. It’s not the length that counts or the quantity, it’s the quality and the relevance that make the difference. That not one useless word is, therefore, part of your text. You must struggle to decide the word that goes beyond and that does not bring anything extra.

Use a magnetic and electrical title

Always focus on creating strong titles. A good title attracts readers’ interest and invites them to read your content. A Copyblogger study shows the following statistics:

  • 80% of people will read your titles;
  • But only 20% of these people will read the rest of your content.

This statistic highlights the crucial importance of the title, which becomes just as important as the content itself. The first reason why readers click on an article or other content comes from the design of the title. Captivating catchy titles pique curiosity and motivate the reader to take an interest in your content.

Enjoy the power of video

It’s no secret that video is a very powerful tool that will allow you to increase your community’s engagement on social networks. To take full advantage of this tool, use a catchy title, a tempting description, … The more your content will generate commitment, the more it will be visible on the news feeds of your fans and followers and more it could become viral! To conclude, we can say that being present on social networks is not enough to improve your visibility if there is no commitment. Without interaction with your target audience, without commitment on your part, your efforts will be useless. By making the decision to register on social networks, put in place a strategy that will allow you to generate maximum commitment!

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