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How Dentists are Using Video Marketing

Adding video marketing to the arsenal of promotional tools for your dental practice has the power to grow your business more effectively. Video marketing is the future of audience interaction, and 84% of people say that they’ve been persuaded to buy a product or service from video marketing. Since consumer internet traffic will be almost entirely invaded by video (82%) by 2022, dental practices need to weave video-based media into marketing roadmaps now. Here are a few ways dental practices can use video marketing to cultivate growth.

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Videos Add a Holistic Touch to Your Dentistry

One of the reasons why audiences are so attracted to video media is because it allows them to experience brands in one of the most humanistic digital storytelling mediums that exist next to Virtual Reality (VR). Posting day-in-the-life or getting-to-know-you videos makes your doctors and practice more accessible, and future patients will feel more comfortable coming to your office for care.


Use Videos to Talk About Your Specialties

Featuring your practice’s specialties and your team’s skills through video dazzles your audience with data that will help them feel confident that they’re in good hands. Making a series of videos that highlights your different services, giving a tour of your office, and showing off any state-of-the-art technical equipment you have are all exciting facts that will help acclimate future patients to your space.

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Amplify Testimonials Through Video

Video testimonials are a great way to show how dental health changes lives. Recording patient testimonials doesn’t always have to be taped in a staged setting. It can be a fun piece that’s done in the moment after removing braces or a cleaning. Before filming, check with your patients and make sure that they are comfortable with the process, then let the camera roll and capture the authentic, joyous experiences that happen in your dental practice every day.


Professional Videos Make a Difference

Quality and professional media assets are critical when working on projects that represent your brand. Modern tech has made it possible to capture incredible stories on video in high definition and hiring pros with cutting-edge equipment, and production acumen will make your dental practice look its best. Professionally made videos have better social media performance and can be used in paid media as well.

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Welcome to the Digital Age of Dentistry

The new age of social media and marketing that we’re currently living in has made digital media a must-have for all businesses. Maintaining an active presence not only has the potential to capture new patients, it will also keep your current patients engaged with your practice. Video’s are the new business card and are now a permanent fixture in healthcare, especially in the pandemic recovery era. Well-produced videos provide future patients with the opportunity to see your dental office from the comfort of their own home, which can help to reassure them and get them to your office for much-needed care.

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