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Exterior Real Estate Photography

When considering buying or renting a new property, what is the first thing you see? Usually, the first impression you will get is the external image of the property taken by a professional photographer and posted to the real estate agent’s website.

The reason professionals are hired to take these images is because first impressions are so important, and it is not an easy task to take flattering images of a building. There could be small potential issues with the building such as a lack of natural lighting, faded lawn or a missing brick. It will be the job of a professional real estate photographer to take an exterior image that shows the property in its best light, so to speak.

This article will take a look at some of the most important things you can do to enhance the appearance of properties in images. Usually, it is as simple as maintaining a clean look!


Being tidy is crucial

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If you are preparing to take a winning shot of a property, you want to make sure that the exterior is free of trash and any kind of mess. Naturally, if there are current tenants willing to sell the property, they will likely do a good job of clearing up after pets, children or any other reasons why their front yard could be less than picture-perfect.

Other things you can do to help draw attention to the property and away from other objects include:

  • Moving cars away from the property. Not only will they obstruct the view of the home, they will simply be a distraction to people looking at your photo. You want prospective buyers to be able to appreciate the entire structure including driveway and garage space.
  • Consider the state of the lawn. Is it faded due to sunlight or covered in leaves? Does it need a cut in order to help the home look more put-together? It is always possible to ask the current owners if they are able to help you make the lawn look presentable for your exterior image.
  • Check for any toys on the ground. It is possible that you might not notice a stray dog chew or child’s toy until you have taken your photo and left the site. Ensure the ground is completely free of distractions so that your potential customers can appreciate the beauty of the property!
  • Close windows and garage doors. It simply looks a little untidy to take an image with a couple of windows open! It makes the outside of the property look less uniform. These are small details, but could be crucial to piquing the interest of your website visitors.

Showcase special features

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Does the home show off some beautiful brickwork or a smartly-designed front gate? If there are any impressive pieces of design around the home, they give you a great starting point for your photos.

Other examples could include a striking front door or roof designed from a peculiar material. Swimming pools or other interesting architectural features also count. Anything that separates your property from images of others is a great idea to include in your exterior hero shot.

Something that can help you show the home’s features in a better light, quite literally, is the time of day you take the image. See also, the time of year!

Taking photos of properties in the spring is often the way to go since plants and trees are in full bloom and the weather is usually pleasant. A moderately sunny day will always make for a nicer image than a snowy mess or singed, dehydrated grass.

In terms of the time of day, this can depend on which way the property faces. You want to avoid long evening shadows created by either yourself or the property, but you also need to make sure the sun is hitting the front of the home to ‘illuminate’ the scene.


Work on your angles


Sometimes, you might not be able to get the right photo by just standing in front of the property. If it is a particularly large or impressive place, you might want to consider using a ladder or even a drone to get an incredible image!

If you use a tripod, you will already know how to set this up for the perfect angle. You want to avoid any shrubbery between yourself and the property, finding an angle that gives you the clearest view possible.

After all, the people that view your image will be chiefly interested in how the property looks and no other factors.

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