Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, SnapChat Spotlights, and TikTok

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Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, SnapChat Spotlights, and TikTok

Whether it’s watching the big game on television, scrolling through TikTok, or binging your favorite show on a streaming service, there’s no denying that video consumption has become an essential staple in our everyday lives.

The popularity of video has quickly bled into the marketing world, as statistics show that 92% of marketers appraise video as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. On average, videos posted on popular social media platforms are known to boast high traffic, engagement, and brand awareness for businesses from today’s digitized consumers.


What Are Short Form Videos?

Youtube-ShortsA whopping 83% of marketers see lead generation directly from their video marketing efforts. However, in order to see these desirable results, it is critical to continuously stay on top of the current trends of the video marketing landscape. That way, you’re able to meet your audience’s entertainment needs. Perhaps the most revered video format dominating the internet in 2021 is short-form videos.

The name really says it all. As defined by Hubspot, short form videos are characterized as videos that remain under 2 minutes and 30 seconds in length. Depending on the platform you choose to post short forms on, they can range from as quick as 10 seconds to over 2 minutes.

Short form videos are the wave of the future, and here’s why:


What Are The Benefits Of Short Form Videos?

Let’s face it: people’s attention spans are dwindling… and for multiple reasons. One of the key factors that contribute to this decline is the constant flood of information and content that consumers are faced with on a daily basis. One study even found that the average time in which consumers lose concentration dropped to about 8 seconds. That’s it! This leaves you with less time to make an impact and stand out against the pack of fellow content creators.

This is where short-form videos come into play: Since short-form videos are quick and to the point, they allow consumers to connect with your brand without the pressure to commit too much time or energy into the viewing experience.

Along with the ability to make an impression fast, the major benefits of posting short-form videos include:

  • Shareable: Short snippets and clips are easier for consumers to share and distribute across social media platforms, bringing you closer to new audiences and views.
  • Memorable: Since short videos have such a small window of time to get your point across, there’s no time left for pandering or rambling. This makes your information easier for consumers to remember and retain.
  • Creative: Storytelling within the confines of a short-form video is a difficult yet exciting challenge. Quickly sharing your brand’s story and identity forces you to think outside of the box and get your creative juices flowing.


Where To Distribute Videos?

Where To Distribute VideosWhile short-form videos can be placed in your email newsletters, websites, or landing pages, they shine the brightest when posted on your social media platforms. This is because short videos are optimal for on-the-go, mobile consumption, all of which is possible with social media.

With Youtube shorts, Instagram’s reels, Snapchat’s spotlights, and of course, the booming popularity of TikTok, there are numerous opportunities to reap the benefits of short-form videos. But not every social media platform looks and behaves quite the same.


A Guide To TikTok Videos

A Guide To TikTok VideosTikTok has very quickly risen to be one of the most influential platforms for connecting with Gen Z audiences, with 41% of its users between the ages of 16 and 24. As quite a new platform in comparison to the others discussed, there is tons of untapped potential for brands to make their mark and establish a solid TikTok presence.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social platform entirely made up of videos, meaning that all of the content posted lies within a short-form video format. As opposed to Snapchat or Instagram stories that disappear after time, what you post to TikTok remains on your feed forever. Videos on tiktok are known to be bite-sized and easy to digest.

What Are The Features Of TikTok?

Some of the defining features and technicalities of a TikTok video include:

  • Length: TikTok’s are up to 60 seconds in length.
  • Size and Orientation: Since TikTok’s lend themselves well to a mobile-format, they are best when videos are vertically oriented and 1080 x 1920 in dimension.
  • Audio: TikTok heavily relies upon audio features like music and sound effects as a backdrop to videos, with the ability to remix and create your own sounds.
  • Effects: Within the TikTok app, there are a variety of filters, contrasts, and backgrounds to choose from. You can also speed up and slow down your videos as well.

What Videos Should You Post On TikTok?

When it comes to TikTok, the possibilities are truly endless. Two popular video ideas that brands have been known to use include:

  • Paid Content Videos: If your budget has some wiggle room, there are a variety of paid advertising options that are quite successful. This includes native content, brand takeovers, promoted hashtags, and influencer marketing. Since large TikTok influencers are in many ways celebrity-status for Gen Z audiences using the platform, a partnership with one is an excellent way to establish social proof.
  • Challenges: Jump on the bandwagon and try out a TikTok challenge! Trends on TikTok usually surround a popular dance, song, or hashtag. Putting a unique spin on an already-viral challenge is a great way to gain new traffic and followers. But with a short shelf life, always double check that the challenge is still popular before posting.

How To Make The Most Out Of TikTok?

At the end of the day, TikTok’s platform is a place for fun and youthful video concepts to come alive. The most successful videos come from brands that stay true to their brand identity and provide entertainment value to viewers. Ditch the overtly-salesy videos and pitches and get creative.


A Guide To Instagram Reels

A Guide To Instagram ReelsInstagram is a visual-focused platform known for showcasing their products and services in a way that is unique to their brand aesthetic and style. In fact, 83% of consumers have found a new product or service from the platform.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are one of the newest content features of the platform. Reels allow users to post short form videos in a similar style to that of TikTok. They are different from traditional videos posted in feeds, since they are usually shorter and in a different tab for reel-specific videos.

What Are The Features of Instagram Reels?

Features to look out for with Instagram Reels include:

  • Length: Instagram reels start at 15 seconds, with the chance to increase to 30 seconds in length.
  • Size and Orientation: Like TikTok, 1080 x 1920 dimensions with a vertical landscape.
  • Effects: Similar to TikTok, Instagram reels offer a variety of effects and audio choices including speed manipulation, filters, music and audio backgrounds, and fun stickers.
  • Mobile: Instagram reels can only be viewed by users on mobile-devices, as opposed to stories and traditional video posts that are visible on desktops as well.

What Videos Should You Post On Instagram Reels?

You might be wondering, what videos should be posted on Instagram Reels versus IGTV versus your normal instagram video feed? In general, Instagram Reels videos are aimed to bring new traffic and consumers to your page more than the other instagram video formats. This is because they are automatically posted on the Reels explore page for those not following you to easily see.

Popular video ideas to build relationships with new followers on reels include:

  • Quick how-to’s
  • Challenges
  • Product demonstrations
  • Behind the scenes content
  • Much more!

How To Make The Most Out Of Instagram Reels?

To make the most out of instagram reels, it is always important to stay on top of the latest trending challenges and hashtags. Furthermore, though TikTok and Instagram Reels aren’t interchangeable, an easy way to make the most out of the platform without the added effort is reposting your TikTok’s content. This will open it up to new audiences that aren’t already on TikTok. Since TikTok is more catered to the Gen Z audience, Instagram Reels might just be the platform you need to gain views from a slightly older target audience.


A Guide To Snapchat Spotlights

A Guide To Snapchat SpotlightsThe biggest differentiator of Snapchat is that it doesn’t have the public engagement features of other popular social platforms. But that doesn’t stop it from getting over 200 million snapchats made per day.

What Are Snapchat Spotlights?

The relatively new ‘Snapchat spotlights’ are videos taken in the same way that traditional snapchats are filmed. Instead of sending the video to a specific person or your story, snapchat spotlights are sent to the “spotlight” feed in the hopes of the algorithm showcasing them to relevant audiences.

What Are The Features of Snapchat Spotlights?

Here are some of the key features of Snapchat Spotlights:

  • Length: Up to 60 seconds long.
  • Size and Orientation: Vertical landscape videos to appeal to the vertical-scroll feed.
  • Effects: All of the effects found on traditional snapchats can also be used on spotlight.
  • Screening Process: On Snapchat Spotlights, there is much more moderation than other platforms. Moderators sift through the videos to find the most valuable ones before approving them to be posted.

What Videos Should You Post On Snapchat Spotlights?

Overall, Snapchat Spotlight videos are best for clips that provide the highest level of entertainment for viewers. Algorithms and moderators want viral, gripping, and fun videos as opposed to overly professional pieces. So get creative with your spotlights and always be sure to add relevant hashtags.

How To Make The Most Out Of Snapchat Spotlights?

Unlike the other platforms discussed, there is no public space for viewers to comment, like, and publicly engage with creators of a Snapchat Spotlight. To ensure that you build a transparent two-way relationship with your audience, it is in your best interest to be active on other social media platforms in conjunction with Snapchat.


A Guide To Youtube Shorts

A Guide To Youtube ShortsYoutube is in no way a new platform for video distribution. Since its creation in 2005, it has grown into an empire for housing video content for businesses and individuals alike, with 30 million visitors using the platform daily in 2021.

What Are Youtube Shorts?

You might already be familiar with traditional youtube content, but youtube shorts are yet another attempt at the style of TikTok videos. They are quick snippets found on a users home page within a curated “shorts shelf.”

What Are The Features of Youtube Shorts?

The current features of a Youtube Short include:

  • Orientation and Size: Vertical landscape and up to 60 seconds in length, but Youtube recommends uploading under 15 seconds.
  • Upload Process: Youtube has granted access to a “shorts camera” to a select group of creators to make shorts. This is because it’s still in the testing phase.
  • Effects: Like other platforms, you can add music, speed/slow motion, and other features to your Youtube short.

What Videos Should You Post On Youtube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts are a great supplement to any Youtube channel for creators looking to grow outside of their already-loyal audience, and were designed with the intent of being made from mobile devices. Though this platform is just getting started in its success, creators have already found growth with these “shorts” by ensuring their videos are optimized with compelling titles, hashtags, and descriptions.

How To Make The Most Out Of Youtube Shorts?

If Youtube hasn’t granted you access to the shorts camera feature just yet, don’t you worry: those without the camera feature can upload videos with the hashtag #shorts for the same result.


Are Short Form Videos Worth The Effort?

Short form videos are a marketing game-changer. Don’t miss out on the chances to reach new consumers with the help of these social media platforms. With expertise in video content, animation, and photography, our team of content professionals here at Coldea are ready to elevate your social media videos to the next level!


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