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What is Event Videography?

It is the act of capturing social and special events by a videographer. Videography and wedding events are much more similar, but there is also what is called wedding videography on its own. Event videography is an option of the wedding videography and it encompasses the video documentation of social functions such as anniversaries, contests, proms, parties, concerts, fashion shows, Church activity and so on.

Before, Videography is seen as the business of documenting weddings only. But today, we can see that people have gone as far as creating more innovations to widen the opportunity in the markets by offering other services. The art of event videography is somewhat similar to today as it was back then when camcorders were first introduced. However, the main difference lies in the improved video camera technology and the equipment.
Event Videography is all about connecting people. When shooting an event video, it is always important to get some key shots, and mix them up; some of the key shots can be exciting moments aside from placing too much emphasis on a subject so that you can form an interesting piece.

There are key basic things you need to keep in mind before embarking on any activity of shooting for events. They are grouped into two categories; first is the techniques used during the capturing videos and the second is the basic/manual or preparation tips used before the initial event starts.

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Category 1

Ensure To Capture And Form A Sequence In An Event

When you are filming an event, you have to first think about what shots to get, so that you can build a little sequence. So most times in building sequence; you can starts from the middle then end. To break this down, a shot can be taken showing a speaker walking on stage, then another shot with a close-up with the speaker and expressions on how he communicates, then next one is the reactions; how does the crowd or audience reacts, and then finally the conclusion. All these shots have to be properly sequenced for proper viewing; otherwise, you lose the significance of your presence as a videographer in any event.

Capturing Catching Moments From Audience

Videographers try to anticipate when a joke is coming from a speaker, then they position their camera on the crowd/ audience, to capture moments like laughter, smile, and so on. They do these by holding the frame for maybe 30 seconds, making sure the audience is going to laugh, then capture the moment; that’s what makes the video of an event much better, interesting and enjoyable to watch. So after Videographers have already captured the primary role; which is the speaker; they quickly hold some frames on different people and find the right shots to put them in between the live viewing, so this helps with your sequencing.

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Category 2


When preparing for an event, make sure you visit the venue beforehand so that you can observe for yourself what you will need to aid you in having a better shot. If you are expecting a large crowd, note that you will need more cameras and more hands, also take things like natural light and artificial light into considerations, because you need to look out for things like a light if you will be shooting indoors. You also need to look for spots to mount your tripod stand so that you can get great shots.

Aim for Quality Rather Than Convenience

In videographer, quality plays a better role than convenience. People prefer to use Camcorders since and can be recorded directly to a DVD, no realizing that they record far lesser data and even create digital files that can be hard to edit. Most video recording devices made available in the market nowadays have automatic features that do work well for the most part. You might want to make use of cameras that have manual override instead.

Checking the Equipment

Make sure your equipment is in good shape and that they are complete in order not to leave an important gadget or accessory at the studio. You can carry along with you things like tape, battery power, external microphone, and earphones; you will need to help you in monitoring the recorded audio.

Developing Your Shooting Techniques

As a videographer, you need to constantly build on your shooting techniques. Apart from the experience or skills you have, you need to repeatedly evaluate your techniques and go out there to see for yourself the latest trends used by co-videographers. There is a need for constant improvement. Reading books alone will not be enough. It may help to watch the news and observe how station staff shooters, along with editors, cover live happenings. There will usually be mixes of shots: establishing shots for overviews, medium shots for introduction, and close-ups for details.

Entertain Multi-Camera Shooting

You have to consider buying many cameras, because sometimes you may be required to shoot n event with a very large crowd; here you will need multiple cameras such that it allows you to capture as many great moments as possible. Above all, note that it’s mandatory for you to yet, hire assistant shooters to help you with your work when shooting an event because it’s not possible for you to capture exciting moments perfectly at the same time while focusing on a subject.

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The Industry

Filming of events is not an easy job and needs more professionalism in the handling of equipment. If you have interest in making a career in this path, you have to know if you really want to get into the industry, because acquiring clients for the first jobs can prove very difficult; as you may send thousands of emails and at the end of it all, you will get no call ups.

However, it is the real contacts that you have that may pave way for your very first client; so you can say to be successful in the industry, you have to have to be affiliated with people connected to the clients. Also, note that most clients you will get are from word of mouth because there are many more videographers out there looking for clients just like you. So do not expect to blend in the industry immediately by just buying yourself a camera, get yourself some contacts and then boom! no, it doesn’t work out that way. What it means is that you will have to do an internship or work for an established company at the beginning so that you can build your profile network in getting started.

Today special and discrete moments are now typically mostly captured and recorded with the use of spy cameras and even dashcam when it comes to extreme sports like Moto GP and so on. Event videography goes beyond shooting footage for weddings; there other niches of occasions that we all need them for today.

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