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What happens at an event in L.A. doesn’t stay in L.A. Which is why you want a Los Angeles event photographer the next time you host a party, convention, open house, concert or anything else.

The social media universe sees nearly everything that happens here – and you want control over what gets out there.

Hiring a Los Angeles event photographer is the way to do that. You dictate the shots, you decide what gets posted.


Why should I hire a professional Los Angeles event photographer?

You want your event to get in front of people, so millions will be able to experience that incredible day/night/week you produced – if not in person, then later – on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (plus other photo sharing you choose to do).

People will capture some of it with their phones, sure. But that’s their reality. Besides, it doesn’t matter how many billboards say an iPhone photo is good enough, you know a professional Los Angeles event photographer will blow those out of the water.

Don’t think of it like wedding photography, which you can shoot in advance and get the portraits you want in poses nobody actually does in real life. For the same reason you hire a wedding videographer, the point of an event photographer is to capture the energy, the unexpected when it’s happening, as well as follow your shot list to get the most important people/places/action at the event.

What can a Los Angeles event photographer do for me?

You’re galvanizing your brand. That’s why you set up the logo wall at your event.

And guess what? People are dying to get in front of the wall so everyone knows they were there – and who they were with. It’s proof to their followers that they were actually at the premiere, not the county fair.

You may want a Los Angeles Event Photographer to do the “step and repeat” shots at the media wall, but there’s a whole lot more you can gain with event photography in L.A.

Do you have event sponsors? They’re counting on you to promote their brands too.

Some of it depends on your L.A. event location. If your venue is Fig & Olive or an art gallery, it’s pretty contained. Your photographer will likely supply you with close-ups of faces, people dining, etc.

But if it’s at Clifton’s Cafeteria or The Base it’s a whole new ballgame. A Los Angeles event photographer with talent will be everywhere you can’t be, catching the action on the third story dance floor when you’re at the first-floor bar.

What it boils down to is – you want a Los Angeles event photographer who’s familiar with the City of Angels and has experience at a wide range of parties, conventions and other functions.

What types of events can a Los Angeles photographer cover?

You’re in the city of creative genius – where startups are born in coffeehouses and vintage clothing boutiques bustle with customers hunting for Hollywood starlet styles. For companies here – animation, tech, fashion, advertising – an “event” can mean virtually anything you can imagine.

But there are some types of events you’re likely to be hosting at some point, and they all could use a good L.A. event photographer.

Holiday party

If you’re a creative genius thinktank, your event may involve activities such as “ugly sweater runway shows” like SteelHouse in Culver City pulled off. Or maybe you’re having your C-suite execs doing carpool karaoke, like Boingo Wireless in Westwood did at their holiday party. They aren’t easy to photograph, but a good Los Angeles Event photographer knows how to reflect these kinds of off-beat experiences.


Your event may be the standard cocktails-dinner-auction routine, but there’s nothing routine about catching the generosity of philanthropy as well as the beauty of chandeliers, layered pastries, and tuxedos.

Trade Show

Even in the age of technology, there’s something important about face-to-face marketing. And if you’re the business behind the trade show, you’re marketing your company most of all. A Los Angeles Event photographer can be employed to offer vendors the exposure you promised.


How many times have you attended a big celebration where no one thought of hiring a professional photographer? It happens. And in the case of a birthday or anniversary – it’s a window of time that will never come again.


It’s another challenging feat: high-resolution photos of an event with a lot of moving parts. If you’re talking about the LA Phil, that’s one thing. But if you’re hosting a battle of the bands or a soccer match – your L.A. event photographer needs to wear some Nike FlyKnits.

What can I do with a Los Angeles event photographer’s photos afterward?

Depending on your budget, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of photos at the end of the day. And you’d be wise to put them to use.

Did your event include amazing giveaways, now caught on camera? Was your company logo emblazoned on wallpaper or did it appear on bite-sized petit fours for some subtle branding? You need photos of that ingenuity for perpetuity.

An article in Inc. offers up some great ideas for the pix your Los Angeles Event Photographer produces.

  • Send them to clients.

Or potential clients. They can sell your products or services – they’re professional, yet authentic, taken in real time. It’s a silent, visual way to inform people what you bring to the table. It can be a way to thank sponsors after-the-fact, as well.

  • Give them to the staff.

If your company morale is sagging, you may have bigger problems, but don’t overlook the power of a picture. It’s obvious in our selfie society that people love to see themselves in print.

  • Use them for promotions.

If it’s time your website had a facelift or you’re printing new brochures, you just saved yourself hundreds of dollars. Sometimes candids perform better than standard, posed photography when it comes to attracting attention.

  • Decorate the office.

Are your walls bare? How about posters of the amazing events your company hosts? Just think of the times you’ve walked into the Auto Club and seen travel pix all around you. Would you rather see everyone’s diploma framed and hung with perfect symmetry?

You want your party to rock, your meetings to roll smoothly, and whatever you’re hosting, you want it to be memorable. When you put the effort into something to make it worth talking about it, you need it to gain traction. That’s what you get with a Los Angeles event photographer.

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