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When you consider the vast number of preparations for the event you’re spearheading, it can be totally overwhelming. There are countless decisions to make, such as finding a Huntington Beach event photographer who shares your vision. Much of your time will be spent tapping into the expertise of technicians, bakers, musicians and organizers while you also check out the most appropriate venues in the area.

A skilled event photographer knows you have an unimaginable responsibility on your shoulders, and therefore, takes job execution seriously, owning a stake in its successful outcome. You need a person you can transfer that responsibility to with complete confidence.


Superior concerts and live performances photography requires attention to such details as light and camera angles.

You could almost call Southern California the center of the music industry universe. It’s also, therefore, the site of an indeterminate number of concerts, recordings and performances.

If you’re in charge of a big musical entertainment function, you need a live music photographer with the flexibility to follow the unpredictable movement involved in a concert. While a rock band is blasting the senses, your event photographer should be finding the camera angles to shoot the most memorable impressions possible.

No one can forget seeing the iconic photos of guitar-smashing, fire-setting performances by Jimi Hendrix. And imagine the stamina needed by the rock band photographer covering Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s 3-hour concert at the Roxy.

Lighting is never the same, because of the thousands of venues a Huntington Beach event photographer covers. If it isn’t the creative lighting from a pop concert indoors, it’s the blinding sunlight during Surf City Blitz or the Like Totally Festival.

If you’re involved in the world of marching bands, you’re probably a part of the Winter Guard Association of Southern California. The pageantry of such events as the Marching Band Open Series requires paramount attention to such details as choreography, props and a working relationship with Kevin and Noreen Roberts of Creative Costuming in Huntington Beach, who have been working in the industry for more than 25 years.

If spearheading a winter guard event is going to be an annual role for you, reviewing the performance each year is an indisputable benefit. Bands and musicians photography that includes stills from above through the use of drones provides you with a bird’s-eye view to identify trouble spots, which guides you in deciding what needs improvement. Not only are professional photos in Huntington Beach easy to share, they’re a superior alternative to mom or dad’s record of the event, which may be your only alternative.

Parties and celebrations photography requires a professional who’s flexible and can cater to the need of the moment.

It’s easy to underestimate the cost of a party or reception. A wedding couple may decide they don’t need any “extras” and forego the expense of live musicians or full-course dinners. You just want to be certain that the decision you make today stands the test of time. For instance, ruling out the need for a Huntington Beach event photographer is a budget benefit now, but eliminates a permanent visual remembrance of a milestone celebration that you may wish you had in 5, 10 or even 50 years.

Locally, reserving Newland Barn for an anniversary, wedding or reunion is more affordable than Pasea or the Hyatt Regency, which is one way to reserve enough money for other aspects of the celebration. You can trim costs on the location to save room in the budget for a skilled professional photographer.

There are a lot of options at the Huntington Bay Club, a stunning waterfront site owned and operated by 24 Carrots catering company, whose top chefs showed their strength when they rolled out the red carpet for the grand reopening of The Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana.

At the Huntington Bay Club there are flexible indoor and outdoor spaces for large and small events, including three ballrooms, an outdoor terrace and a beach with white sands. A knowledgeable party or wedding photographer can work around obstacles such as the architectural columns of the Humboldt Ballroom or more intimate settings such as the terrace.

An award ceremonies photographer knows how to ‘work the room.’

The photographic talent you hire to work your event doesn’t have to be a team of Oscar Night veterans to pull off a successful awards ceremony or red carpet experience. There are foundational aspects you expect to include, whether it’s the Miss Huntington Beach Pageant or the Chamber of Commerce Business & Leadership Awards.

Even private parties include logo walls now, where the photographer you employ needs point-and-shoot skills. The greatest function of a wall photo is to promote the brand of the function’s host or sponsoring corporation and to publicize your event. For guests, the pictures can be a social and professional boost when they’re shared, posted and tweeted.

There are other styles and genres, including corporate ceremonies and amateur athletic programs that are best served by a professional with a greater portfolio than galas, awards and fundraisers photography. In the case of the World Junior Surfing Championship, you need someone who can get attention-getting stills from the event as well as the awards. A more experienced individual can provide sporting events photography with high-resolution action shots of participants including wide-angle and long-distance closeups of participants and crowd members.

Conventions and trade shows photography can be useful for post-event social media.

Huntington Beach corporations like Boeing and AMG make Orange County a natural point of convergence for members of the aerospace industry. Local conferences and trade shows pull together executives in fields from medical manufacturing to anime production.

In addition to providing attendees an opportunity for networking and exchange of information, conferences and meetings photography increases the shelf-life of functions such as these. Attendees have continuing access to the experience, and conference hosts can reach out to a second audience through social media platforms. A Huntington Beach event photographer who understands the endgame is essential – someone who also offers the service of posting and social promotion is a bonus.

Global conventions that take place in in Las Vegas have a far-reaching impact, to be sure. But booking a professional convention photographer is just as important for the fitness fans involved with the Active Lifestyle Expo at the Waterfront Beach Resort.

Regardless of the size of its niche, event planners need a trained eye who can photograph their various fundraisers, festivals and auto shows like the Concours d’Elegance. There’s a flexibility that’s appreciated for these kinds of events, where you need more than stills that show off the subject matter – in this case, domestic, European and Asian vintage and modern cars and motorcycles. Because it’s a non-profit benefit for the Huntington Beach Central Library, the fundraising photography needs to also communicate other features, including live entertainment and the impact of its setting on the lawns of Huntington Central Park.

From awards shows at Venue by 3 Petals to the Huntington Harbor Boat Parade, every event is important to someone and deserves full-throttle effort by hired professionals. Employing a Huntington Beach event photographer who knows the area and has a wide breadth of experience gives you greater quality and a more useful product for your purposes.

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