Choosing Flatware for Your Restaurant

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Choosing Flatware for Your Restaurant

Everything that goes into your restaurant has taken lots of thought, from the layout of the tables to the ‘welcome’ sign at the front door. You’re almost ready to go, but there is one thing left… your flatware!


It might seem trivial, but your choice of flatware can have a significant impact on your diners’ experience. Your dishes and cutlery should complement the rest of your restaurant’s decor. Do you have a sleek, modern vibe in your restaurant? Make sure you pick some simple flatware that fits the bill. However, if your place is more high-end and full of intricate designs, you would do well to pick a similarly ornate set of flatware.


Here are some other tips to think about when choosing the right flatware for your restaurant:


  • How can you match the flatware to your expected clientele? If you have designed your restaurant to attract older guests who appreciate rustic charm and old-fashioned designs, you might want to choose heavier flatware with larger and more decorative handles. If you expect diners to be in and out of your restaurant without a second thought, pick some lighter, no-frills flatware.

  • Ensure all necessary flatware is included. You don’t want to open your restaurant and discover that you are lacking soup spoons or butter knives! Carefully consider which utensils might be required for the items on your menu and create flatware placements accordingly.

  • Calculate how much you will need. Once you have picked out your perfect flatware, you should decide how many dozens you need to order. Always go for more than you predict you will need! You’ll be surprised how much flatware gets accidentally discarded (or even taken home by diners)! For your most common pieces of flatware such as a fork, you should multiply the number of seats you are serving by four. Then, divide the result by 12 to work out how many dozens you should order.


Your restaurant’s flatware will have a bigger impact on your customers than you think! It will also be a part of your restaurant for years to come, so be sure to take your time picking a set that matches your restaurant perfectly.

Written by Jack Vale

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