How to Use Your Video for Branding with a Logo

Video marketing and branding is a hot topic in today’s fast-paced consumer environment, and no wonder! The average internet-user spends about 100 minutes per day watching video content, and 88 percent of marketers list video as providing a high return on investment.

In short, video is an excellent modality for effective branding.

But it isn’t just about […]

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Jun 28|

Video Marketing Trends This 2022

Video is steadily taking over as the most effective and efficient content form today. With the ability to raise conversion rates by just under 90%, video marketing is becoming a must-have in most brands’ arsenal. Consequently, in 2022, video content is going to be an essential asset that businesses of all sizes and from all industries need […]

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Mar 01|

How To Turn Followers Into Clients

Social media has revolutionized the face of marketing for businesses. Today, everyone aims to build a brand presence and gather a string of loyal followers. But is getting more followers the end goal for a thriving business? The answer is no.

An important fact that most people ignore is that growing social media following offers you […]

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Dec 15|

Video Production Process Flow Chart

In marketing, video is king. Most platforms are moving to a video-first algorithm that prioritizes motion. But, even a simple social media video requires some thought. Whether you’re creating a 15-second video ad or planning a 2-hour short film, having a video production flow chart can make the whole process easier and more organized. As […]

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Jul 14|

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