Building Brand Awareness & Trust in the Water Pump Industry Through Photography & Animation

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Building Brand Awareness & Trust in the Water Pump Industry Through Photography & Animation

Building brand awareness is a strategic process that needs careful consideration and creativity to be successful.

Although building brand awareness takes time, your efforts will reap your business’s many benefits if done right. Each company is different, so building brand awareness should be too.

A business can use many methods to build brand awareness and trust among its customers and audiences. 

Media is an essential tool for building brand awareness, and the use of it should be implemented into every business’s marketing plan.

When building brand awareness for a business in the water pump industry, there are specific strategies and steps to follow to succeed in your marketing plan to build brand awareness.

Two important uses of media you can use to build brand awareness with current and potential customers are photography and animation.

Photo Camera


Photography can be used in many different ways to build brand awareness. Some of the ways photography can be used to build brand awareness is:

Show your audience your brand

You can show your audience your brand and build brand awareness through photos. 

Take pictures of your business and show your audience exactly what your business is about, what your business does, and what your business represents. Be consistent. This is key to building brand awareness and trust.

Product photography

To fully utilize this form of media, show or promote your products through photography. Your audience wants to see what you have to offer.

The key to product photography is to take multiple photos using different angles to capture your water pumps. Think about your product photography from the perspective of the customer. Providing detailed images of your products is crucial.

Your products are critical to your brand. Photos of your products will show your customers what you offer and help your business build brand awareness. Also, providing images of your water pumps and other products will allow your customers to see what they’ll be buying before they buy them. 

Visuals make a significant impact on customers’ purchasing decisions. Statistics show that 75% of customers rely on product photography to make a buying decision.

Tell your audience about your brand.

You can tell your audience about your brand through photos by creating a story. One platform businesses utilize to tell a story through photography is Instagram.

Simplify information

Photography is a great way to simplify something complex. Take water pumps, for instance. The mechanics of a water pump can be complex to some; however, through a diagram, a viewer can better understand how a water pump works by looking at how it operates.

Another way photography can provide information is by showing an audience something through a photo rather than explaining it through words.



Animation is an effective tool to build brand awareness for businesses in the water pump industry. Animation is a technique of photography that combines multiple images to create the illusion of movement in a strategic sequence.

This method of brand awareness can be more effective in building brand awareness as it allows for more images to be shown. 

Animation is frequently used on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, Tik Tok, and occasionally Facebook.

Various forms of animation you can use to inform the public of your brand are:

  • Reels
  • Shorts 
  • How-to’s videos
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Commercials
  • Slides


Reels are short video clips, about 15 seconds to 30 seconds, and are perfect for reaching your goal of building brand awareness by showing your audience something. You can enhance your reels using audio effects, visual effects, and other creative tools to engage your audience. Reels are mostly used to entertain or inform audiences.


Shorts are the same as reels, except the platform and recording times differ. Shorts are short video clips, approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, that businesses use to inform or entertain their audiences.

How-to’s and Step-by-step Videos

How-to videos are perfect for showing your audience how to install a new water pump or clean their current water pump.

Step-by-step videos can be used to show an audience how something works or show your audience how they can accomplish something.


Slides are an effective tool if photography or videos are not viable. Think of slides as an enhanced PowerPoint presentation but used as a marketing strategy.

Businesses in the water pump industry can utilize this media source to display the various water pumps they offer and other products they provide.

Tips for Creating An Animation To Build Your Brand

Some tips for creating animation to build your brand and increase brand awareness are:

Keep your animations authentic

The key to creating animations is to keep them authentic and in relation to your brand. Simply putting a bunch of clips together for the sake of advertising just won’t cut it. It’ll take time and effort to create authentic animations.

Keep your animations captivating.

Your animations should be captivating. They should also reflect your business, products, and industry.

Keep your audience engaged.

Keeping your audience engaged is key to creating effective animations. When providing information about your business, keep your information clear, concise, and consistent. 

Several ways you can keep your viewers engaged are to provide new information and be consistent and relevant to one specific topic per animation. The goal of keeping your audience engaged is to either entertain or inform them.

Keep your audience informed.

Give them information that could help them. For instance, give your audience information about how to take care of their water pump so they don’t have to replace it. 

Inform your audience on how to clean their water pump with a how-to video or an animation that provides step-by-step slides on how to clean their water pump like a professional properly. 

Another way to keep your audience engaged is by teaching your audience something new about water pumps. Teach your audience about new topics, such as electric water pumps or how to add value to their home with their water pump.

Keep your audience entertained.

Animations are an excellent tool for engaging your audience. Get creative with your animations and find new ways to entertain your viewers.

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