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B2B Video Production

If you are a business that sells products or provides services for other businesses instead of the public at large, your business-to-business, or B2B, target audience has unique video production needs for their marketing efforts. A video production company can use your company culture and business goals to produce business videos for a wide range of digital platforms and outlets.

It is tough to go anywhere without seeing people staring at their smartphone or tablet watching some kind of entertainment or business video. If you wanted to watch all the video content uploaded to the internet throughout the world each month, it would take you millions of years to watch it all. Nearly 17,000 hours of video is uploaded every second of every day, according to Cisco.

Businesses rely on B2B video content more than any other medium to help reach business goals and objectives. Text content and photos are no longer enough to carry the load in a comprehensive digital content strategy. Businesses

What is B2B Video Production?

Today’s digital marketplace is crowded and complex with video content dominating search engine ranking pages and social media timelines. B2B video production is an essential element of digital marketing that directs communication and marketing efforts from your business to other businesses. There are many outlets and platforms for B2B video marketing including social media videos, webinars and webcasts, video podcasts, and social media live streams.

Why Are B2B Marketers Using Video to Reach Clients?

Online video consumption continues to rise 100% year to year and within the next few years, over 80% of all internet traffic will be in the form of video content. Video now dominates websites, social media platforms, blogs, and email campaigns. A B2B video is a powerful marketing tool for video marketers to showcase products and services in the most dynamic and engaging ways.

The great video makes it easier for the viewer to absorb and retain large amounts of information while creating a relatable, human experience that connects with prospective clients. The goal of video marketing is to produce great content that when put in front of the right people will generate interest, website traffic, and sales.

Videos from a professional video production company can be used to reflect your mission statement and showcase the quality of your products and services to targeted business audiences. Mobile devices now shoot and post video publicly on social media every minute of every day, but it is best to use professional video production that can drive potential clients to your website and compel them to act.

What Types of Marketing Videos Are Best for a B2B Company?

Depending on the nature of your business and the target audience you want to attract, there is a wide range of video content that serves different purposes and applications. Modern market strategies continue to follow the traditional sales funnel approach that aims to reach potential clients where they are in the decision-making process.

Video production services targeting other businesses are produced with the intended viewer’s prior exposure and interaction in mind to increase the chances of moving them down the funnel and ultimately making a purchase or scheduling a service call.

The following are examples of the different types of business videos a video marketer uses to reach the largest number of prospective clients.

Company Profile Videos

A business video that profiles your company serves as the foundation of B2B video marketing and is used to introduce your brand and the services you provide to those businesses at the top of the sales funnel with little or no prior exposure to your business.

These versatile videos establish your company as an industry leader and trusted resource while being prominently displayed on your website home page, as well as the About Us, FAQ, and other landing pages throughout the site. Company profile videos are also effective in other areas of your overall video marketing strategies, including social media, email marketing, and other digital properties.

Product Videos

Most online consumers will not make a purchase without first consulting with multiple product videos. Video is an excellent format for explaining complex concepts and products that viewers are better able to absorb and retain. Animation and motion graphics allow for even more flexibility in the way your story is told in the presentation of your products.   

Testimonial Videos

Testimonials and case studies from actual former or current clients are effective at connecting with prospective clients that are a bit further down the sales funnel. They have typically had some exposure to your business and are seeking more information. Testimonial videos posted on your website and shared on social media provide relevance and add credibility to your business. These videos can also help to improve conversion rates for email blasts and other video marketing efforts.

Benefits to B2B Video Production

Video is widely recognized as the most effective digital marketing tool used today to increase online presence and grow your brand. Search engines like Google and YouTube use a specific set of criteria to determine the rankings on results pages. Video production content is now given a higher priority than ever, allowing those businesses looking for your services to be able to find you before your competition by searching online. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves producing video content that meets the latest industry standards and searches engine guidelines to help you rise in the rankings and drive target audiences to your website.

Those visitors to your website that find your videos through organic searches are actively looking for the kinds of products and services you provide. They will stay longer and are more likely to act. This will help improve conversion and bounce rates, drive up sales, and allow you to grab a larger share of the business market in your industry.

Contact Coldea Productions for Professional B2B Video Production

Coldea Productions is a full-service B2B video production company specializing in producing high-quality videos that reach large groups of businesses that use your products and services. An impressive team of video production professionals is dedicated to helping you reach your sales and marketing goals with content that engages your target audience. Contact our professional B2B video production company to learn more and get started today.

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