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Applications of Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs, whether captured by drone, helicopter, plane, or any other means, are full of potential uses. From leisure to the scientific study of the landscape, aerial photography is a relatively new phenomenon that can help humans in many ways. …

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Why Do Brands Collaborate?

It’s become so commonplace that you might not even notice it anymore, but it still generates great excitement in marketing circles. Yes, we’re talking about brand collaboration!  When two of your favorite brands collaborate to create a limited-time product, the …

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Animating to Explain Technical Concepts

When it comes time to explain complex topics or ideas, animations or infographics can be very useful. Whether it’s an exceptionally technical job or a sophisticated educational concept, using animated imagery to explain certain operations helps make things easier to …

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Guide to Restaurant Table Spacing

When setting up your restaurant’s interior, the spacing you leave between tables might not make your list of priorities. However, there is a strategy to be applied to how you lay out your restaurant’s tables! In fact, there are also …

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Choosing Flatware for Your Restaurant

Everything that goes into your restaurant has taken lots of thought, from the layout of the tables to the ‘welcome’ sign at the front door. You’re almost ready to go, but there is one thing left… your flatware!   It …

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Tips for Hosting Multiple AirBnb Properties

Being an AirBnb host can be a great way to build up new streams of income, so think about the possibilities of hosting more than one AirBnb property. Even still, this great income opportunity doesn’t come without some added challenges, …

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Tips for Long Distance Business Communication

In today’s world still deeply affected by the recent pandemic, many businesses are still operating a remote working policy. This means that key members of staff might be located at opposite ends of the country, or even internationally. This dynamic …

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How to Use Your Video for Branding with a Logo

Video marketing and branding is a hot topic in today’s fast-paced consumer environment, and no wonder! The average internet-user spends about 100 minutes per day watching video content, and 88 percent of marketers list video as providing a high return …

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