Are Promotional Videos Taking your DropBox Space? It’s Time to Free Up!

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Are Promotional Videos Taking your DropBox Space? It’s Time to Free Up!

Are all or most of your business activities centered around DropBox? Well, opening DropBox, you’ll see that you have a junk of promotional videos that you usually share with your friends and co-workers. You create promotional videos for your client to grab their audience’s attention. Well, the story doesn’t end here. It’s not just one video for one client. Instead, you create different videos signifying their mission, vision, corporate backstory, staffers, and others.

But, what’s the result for you? A filled-up DropBox, you might want to say aloud. Perhaps, long story short- this software is one of the best blessings of modern technology. Yes, most people’s digital activities centre around DropBox. Now that you have 2GB free DropBox space, you wonder what should be your way out. After all, your DropBox has a gazillion client promotional videos.

What if you hear that you can almost double your DropBox space? The claim is valid, and you can free up your DropBox space with some easy steps:


  • Manually delete large files:

You read a lot about organizing your files by size. But are you finding out ways to declutter your system? Well, your piled up junk is much evidence of your answer. Deleting your large files manually can be your solution. Just figure out the files you wish to delete. If you’re using DropBox in your browser, follow these instructions to delete a file:

  • Search for the file you want to remove
  • Click on the ellipses towards your right.
  • Choose to delete now.


  • Install Mailbox for Android or iOS:

Last year saw the acquisition of a mobile startup, Mailbox by DropBox. Know that Mailbox is a very easy-to-use email application. Install the Mailbox app for Android or iOS for a free Gif of DropBox space. Now link your account with the app and wait for a magic spell to take place.


  • Delete Duplicates:

Duplicate files can occupy gigantic storage space. Thus, the trick lies in using a trusted app for scanning and removing your local Mac files. Choose a specific folder and get going with scanning for duplicate files:

  1. Download the app
  2. Click + and choose a Custom Folder
  3. Select a DropBox folder and click on Open
  4. Now scan for duplicates and delete them with ease then.


  • Get Rid of Shared Files:

Did you know that the files you share add to your storage quota? Well, then it’s pretty safe to say why your DropBox is running short of space. Promotional videos take all the credit, folks.

But, thanks to the software, users can see their shared files. All you’ve to do is sign in to your account by visiting DropBox .com and click on the Shared files tab present in the sidebar.


The Bottom Line- Clear your DropBox with Ease

You often forget to clear your DropBox storage space, which accumulates with time and increases to as much as 5GB of junk. Removing folders from your area helps you in freeing up your space in less than 10 minutes. Know that DropBox is an excellent way of saving and sharing your files. But, nobody wants a cluttered space that runs out of storage. Thus, freeing up is the only way out.


Hopefully, this article was capable of answering your questions related to getting rid of those gazillion promotional videos without parting away from your storage space.

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