Applications of Aerial Photography

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Applications of Aerial Photography

Aerial photographs, whether captured by drone, helicopter, plane, or any other means, are full of potential uses. From leisure to the scientific study of the landscape, aerial photography is a relatively new phenomenon that can help humans in many ways.


The scientific side of aerial photography

Let’s start by exploring the reasons why scientists and geographers might find aerial photography useful:

  • Aerial photos provide a clear insight into how humans are using the land available to them. By mapping out the locations of buildings and other man-made features, we can keep tabs on how humans make use of the landscape over time.
  • Climate scientists use aerial photography to track natural changes over time. For example, taking aerial photographs over a sheet of polar ice can help scientists to know how quickly that ice is melting. Alternatively, these photographs can help climate scientists track the rise in sea levels.
  • Cartographers and topologists need aerial photographs of terrain which is difficult to reach or analyze on foot. In order to create an accurate map of land including gradients, aerial photographs need to be obtained.
  • Geographers can use aerial photography to analyze the changes that take place in the ground before disasters like landslides take place.
  • Urban planners might find it extremely useful to analyze aerial photographs of proposed development sites. If a new shopping mall or sports stadium is planned, it will require a detailed examination of the surrounding land.


Personal and business applications of aerial photography

As well as a scientific study, there are multiple reasons why individuals and businesses might want to take aerial photographs:

  • If you are selling your house, capturing striking overhead images of your home can be instrumental in swaying a doubtful buyer. This type of marketing presentation can also help prospective buyers gauge how your home looks against the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Certain businesses might seek out aerial photography to help add powerful imagery to their websites. A photo of their headquarters from above is not only visually impressive but also can metaphorically support an extra level of confidence exuded from a company that doesn’t like to settle for the bare minimum (ground-level photos).
  • Construction companies greatly benefit from aerial photographs. Documenting their building progress over time and showing off their design and architectural prowess can be widely encompassed from a bird’s eye view. It may also help them to identify any defects at key stages before it becomes too late to rectify them.

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