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7 Types of Marketing Videos Renewable Energy Companies Should Create

Do you know 82% of marketers admit that video helps keep website visitors engaged and longer on a page? For renewable energy companies, engaging marketing videos allow them to connect with their prospects and convert them into paying customers. But, How? 

Dive in and learn how this powerful marketing tool works for renewable energy companies and which type of marketing videos drive results. Let’s get started!

By 2028, it is projected renewable energy sources will generate more than 42% of global electricity. This indicates that people are embracing sustainable solutions increasingly. This progressive, growing demand has made this industry extremely competitive. 

For renewable energy providers, this ferocious competition has made it incredibly difficult to find and convert prospects who are ready to make this switch.

Here, video marketing can be a powerful option to find, engage, and convert prospective customers into loyal clients. 

In this post, we will enter into the power of marketing videos and how they benefit renewable energy companies. We will introduce you to workable types of marketing videos that showcase your expertise uniquely, earn countless customers, and become the biggest name in the renewable energy industry. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Do Marketing Videos Work For Renewable Energy Companies?


Videos are undeniably more engaging than reading long text. More than 82% of internet users prefer seeing videos from brands. However, not all types of videos help companies drive expected results, as almost every business is using this tool to generate leads, making the market very crowded. 

To stand out in the noise, you need to focus on crafting high-quality and creative videos.

Now, more and more companies, including renewable energy, have started realizing the importance of creating engaging videos to accelerate marketing efforts. They are making considerable investments in animation to prevent getting lost in similar content and build a unique brand identity. On the other hand, solar providers who are seeking quick results are putting heavy money into buying residential solar leads

However, if you don’t want to buy leads and generate them organically, videos can be a great tool to help you attain this goal. 

For renewable energy companies, using marketing videos can bring strong results because they:

  • Simplify Complex Topics

Renewable energy is one topic that is confusing for many people, including those who are interested in it. As renewable energy is a complex topic, using engaging animated videos can help people understand it and gain more knowledge. 

For example, videos clearly describe the benefits of wind turbines, how solar panels work, and what geothermal energy is. When you eliminate confusion, more people will consider you for renewable energy features.

  • Capture Attention

As every business aims to gain customers, the market is now overloaded with information irrespective of niche. Here, engaging video content can help you to capture the attention of your prospective customers. 

With compelling videos and storytelling visuals, you can capture viewers’ attention, keep them engaged, and make your marketing message more memorable. 

  • Reach Prospects in Multiple Channels

Videos are very popular across all platforms, including social media, websites, virtual events, and more. If we talk about social media, it is used by more than 5 billion people across the globe, with this tool you can reach countless prospects at once. With engrossing visuals and cool animated videos, you can put across your marketing message without taking much time from your viewers. 

When you reach multiple audiences across various channels, you are likely to rank higher in SERPs (search engine ranking pages), which drives heavy footfall to your website.

  • Establishes Brand Credibility

Through videos, you can explain how renewable energy can bring positive changes to the environment. For example, solar panel installation not only reduces carbon footprint but also helps people to lower their electricity bills. This type of message is relevant for people who are climate-conscious as well as those who are looking for ways to lower utility bills. 

This type of marketing video helps renewable energy companies build brand credibility and, ultimately, win more customers.

  • Increase Conversions and Lead Generation

Captivating and strategic marketing videos encourage viewers to take action at the end. These CTAs (calls to action) include offering special offers, free consultations, etc. 

This helps renewable energy companies to encourage viewers to take the next step in the process, they either buy or become potential customers. 

  • Build Trust and Connection

Videos showcasing positive experiences by real customers can greatly help renewable energy companies build trust and establish emotional connections with their viewers. You can also feature your employees talking about their mission of making the environment green and clean. 

These messages not only make your company relatable but also foster an emotional connection with your viewers.

07 Types of Marketing Videos For Renewable Energy Companies

As the renewable energy industry is becoming increasingly competitive, companies offering these solutions should aim to stand out. Here, marketing videos allow them to put forward their message through captivating visuals that not only educate customers but also build trust.

Here is the list of 7 types of marketing videos for renewable energy companies that educate, encourage, and convert viewers into paying customers.

Explainer videos are a requisite for renewable energy companies who seek to convert a prospect into a paying customer. You can break down complex topics and make them more accessible to wider audiences. Explainer videos help companies maximize brand awareness, build trust, and ultimately encourage viewers to make the green switch.

Renewable energy is a complex topic. Many people are unaware of what are wind turbines, the benefits of solar panels, etc. You can craft ‘how-tos, and animated marketing videos, include an expert to speak about renewable energy, or break down the complexity of the topics in the storytelling method.

For example, if you are a solar provider, you can craft a simple guide video on solar panels. The video will have an animation that shows how sunlight hits solar panels and converts it into usable electricity. This video should highlight the positive environmental impact, reduced electricity bills, and lower cost of installation with the help of government solar incentives.

For renewable energy companies, it is very essential to showcase their expertise and knowledge in their field to earn customers. Project highlights videos not only help companies demonstrate their capabilities in their field but also display their contributions toward making the environment cleaner.

To create compelling project highlights videos, start with an engrossing introduction that captures viewers’ attention. You should introduce your company and the type of renewable energy solution you are providing, such as solar panels, wind turbine installation, etc. Explain the purpose, scale, and location of the project concisely. Include challenges faced and how you resolved them. 

You can also include time-lapse construction clips, high-quality visuals of used technology, etc. Don’t forget to include a compelling CTA at the end of your video to encourage viewers to visit your website, contact for consultation, or learn more about your services. 

Creating captivating project highlights videos can help your renewable energy company establish leadership in the industry. This aids in lead generation and inspires people to switch to clean energy. 

Customer testimonial videos are a must-have for renewable energy companies. Clean energy solutions like solar panels are something that cannot be tried and tested once and return if not satisfied. Not only is the cost huge, but also, once they are installed, they cannot be removed (removal comes with a high cost). Creating customer testimonial videos greatly helps you build credibility with potential customers and bust misconceptions about solar energy.

In customer testimonial videos, you can star homeowners who have installed geothermal solutions, solar panels, or other renewable energy services from you. They can share the positive impact on their energy bills, increased comfort, environmental impact, etc.

Also, your former customers can talk about their emotions and stories rather than just experience benefits. They can share your expertise and professionalism during the entire project completion process. Consider filming testimonials in a space with good lighting and sound. 

  • Facility Tours Videos

Admit it, a sneak peek at some brands and businesses behind the scenes is interesting for most of us. You can create an engrossing video of your facility where all the project-related things are done and upload it on different social media platforms. You can also give a quick tour of your facility via live streaming on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

If you own a wind turbine maintenance center, you can display the scale of wind turbine elements and the knowledge required for its maintenance. You can showcase film technicians examining gearboxes, generators, blades, etc. 

Solar panel manufacturing plant owners can create a video that shows the transformation of raw materials into advanced solar panels. You can also highlight the process of quality control and the science behind the efficiency of solar panels. 

Remember, don’t try to cover everything in one video; focus on those areas in which your audience has high interest.

  • Business Results Videos

Business results videos are all about highlighting your achievements and showcasing them to your target audience. It is one of the most powerful tools that builds trust in your brand and drives more customers to your business. Your achievements also display the positive impact that you brought to the environment. 

To craft the most compelling business results videos surrounding environmental impact, you can provide figures on how much your company has contributed in offsetting greenhouse gases and the amount of carbon dioxide. You can showcase these numbers using infographics and animations to make it look visually impressive.

You can also create videos encompassing customer benefits. Here again, you can use positive customer testimonials talking about how much they saved after switching to renewable energy. Also, highlighting surveys that show a significant rise in property value after implementing renewable energy features is also beneficial in gaining clients. 

  • Event Recap Videos

Posting event recap videos is another powerful way for renewable energy companies to widen their reach. Such videos showcase your participation in trade shows, conferences, or industry gatherings. For your audience, event recap videos provide a glimpse of your involvement, expertise, and knowledge in the event. This establishes credibility and helps you generate potential leads.

To create engaging event recap videos, consider including key moments such as panel discussions, product demonstrations, participation from other leaders in the industry, etc., that are relevant to your audience.

Your event recap videos should not exceed 1 to 3 minutes to maintain audience engagement. Use high-quality video and audio and make it look highly professional. Add inspiring music to add life to the clip, end the event video with a captivating CTA, and share it on multiple channels to gain more leads.

  • Case Study Videos

Case study videos are another great way for renewable energy companies to gain more clientele. These videos include your company’s success stories in the real world.

Case study videos highlight projects that you have carried out for your former clients and the results after their implementation. It showcases your design and implementing expertise in renewable energy solutions, the scale of the project, and its outcomes.

For example, a school building is facing challenges with high electricity costs. Your solar company installs large-scale PV panels on the building. Once it is installed, energy bills are reduced. Here, a case study video will highlight the percentage of reduction in bills via an infographic or appealing visual and how it benefited the school.

Wrapping Up

In today’s competitive era, utilizing the power of engaging marketing videos is no longer an option for renewable energy companies. By incorporating the aforementioned types of videos in your marketing efforts, you can capture the attention of your audience, educate them, establish trust, and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

As every business is using this tool to market its offerings, you need to differentiate your brand from your competitors with compelling visuals that speak to your audience and put forward the right message uniquely.

From explainer videos, project highlights, and facility tours to case studies and more, now you know there are plenty of options to showcase your business and increase engagement. Utilizing them correctly will project your brand as one of the most credible renewable energy partners. 

So, start using them and watch your business grow!

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