07 Interesting Ways You Can Use Video to Market Your Solar Business in 2024

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07 Interesting Ways You Can Use Video to Market Your Solar Business in 2024

By the end of 2024, the solar industry is projected to be worth $273 billion. Further, it is estimated to hit $436.36 billion by 2032 at a compound annual rate of 6% during this forecast period. These figures indicate that the sun is shining bright on the solar industry.

With rising environmental consciousness and amplifying energy costs, more and more people are switching to solar to combat these issues and enjoy green energy. 

However, rising demand for solar is contributing to the competitiveness of this industry, making it more fierce every day. 

So, how do you make your solar business stand out in this crowded market? 

You need a marketing strategy that helps your solar brand navigate through the competition.

Here, video marketing can be your trump card. 

Why? Today 90% of businesses use video marketing as they realize the vitality of using compelling visuals to attract and engage customers.

In this post, we will explore 7 interesting ways to use video marketing to generate leads that showcase your expertise and help you thrive in this industry.

Let’s get started with understanding video marketing benefits!

Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Solar Business 

Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Solar Business

A video is a captivating form of content that not only grabs the attention and educates prospects but also builds trust in your brand. Although the idea of switching to solar power is gaining a lot of popularity, this concept is still new and complicated for many. 

Some people contact residential solar financial companies to understand the panel installation cost. Others are interested in green energy but assume that solar panels have a high upfront investment or need to be more efficient in lowering utility bills. 

Here, to make them understand a complex topic like solar, video can be your secret weapon to address their issues and make the concept more digestible and comprehensible. Not only this, there are several benefits of video marketing for your solar business which are:

Builds CredibilityVideos showcasing customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes footage, number of projects completed, etc. promote trust among your potential customers. Real people talking about actual results builds credibility and confidence in your solar business.


Engaging and EducationalAs already mentioned, videos can easily explain and break down complex concepts like solar technology and how it benefits homeowners, and that too in an engaging way. Visuals can simplify the concept and make the information more understandable for potential customers.


Brand AwarenessCompelling and engaging videos are highly shareable across various social media platforms. If your video is shared widely, you can reach maximum potential clients. This way you can establish your business in the market by building brand recognition.


  • Improved Lead Generation

Improved Lead GenerationVideos with clear and concise call-to-action encourage viewers to take action like scheduling a consultation or requesting a quote. This process helps your solar business generate qualified leads and keep your sales funnel full.


  • Measurable Results

Measurable ResultsVideos can be analyzed for actual results. It allows you to track the engagement of viewers and analyze the success of your video marketing campaigns. Based on the findings, you can refine your campaigns and optimize videos to improve results.


  • Cost-effective Marketing

Cost-effective MarketingAlthough initial costs exist in creating visually compelling videos, this marketing tool can be a cost-effective method in the long run. This is because once made, videos can spread across various platforms and keep generating leads over a period of time.


Emotional ConnectionVideos connect with viewers deeply and emotionally. If you showcase environmental issues and how solar power combats these issues by reducing carbon footprint, you can make a long-lasting impression on your viewers, especially those who are environment-conscious.

By now you must have understood the benefits of video marketing for your solar business, let’s take a look at the 7 interesting ways to use this tool to get strong results.


Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are all about showcasing your team behind your solar business name. It is a great tool to show the enthusiasm of your team who are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. 

To build trust, you need to show that your team can make successful solar installations. Highlight how your team including installers, engineers, and salespeople work together to reach a common goal.

These types of videos can also feature employee wellness programs, team outings, or flexible work arrangements to show your company values work-life balance. Find out what makes your company different from others and highlight it in the company culture video along with dynamic visuals.

However, avoid being pretentious, and let your employees showcase the authentic culture of your solar company. Show visuals of employees working together and having a good time. Also, real people talking about their experiences and what they love about the company can make a major difference in building trust in your brand.


Educational Videos

Customer testimonials are a great tool to build trust in your solar business. They work as social proof to convince and persuade potential customers to go for solar installation with your company. 

Prepare a list of customers who have positive experiences with your company and are ready to cast in the testimonial video. Consider adding a variety of customers based on project size, demographics, etc. Ask them to talk about the benefits they are experiencing after switching to solar power, and how satisfied the installation process with your company. 

Visuals exhibiting positive words about your company and solar power can go beyond words. You can create videos of your former customers talking about their savings with the newly installed panels in the background.

Avoid scripted testimonials because consumers are very smart today they can spot the fakeness instantly. Use open-ended questions, and let their personalities come out. Keep testimonial videos up to 1 to 2 minutes long. Put a clear and compelling call to action in the end to encourage website visits, a free quote, or a consultation. Promote it on different social media channels to capture attention and make it viral.


Customer Testimonials Videos

As already discussed, solar technology is still a complex topic for numerous people. Here, educational videos on solar technology set you apart from your competitors and position you as a reliable advisor. Every person has a different understanding of solar power. So, you have to create engaging videos for different levels i.e. beginners, intermediate, and advanced audiences. 

For example, videos showcasing the benefits of solar panels and how they work, etc. can work for beginners. For intermediate viewers, a thorough comparison of solar panel efficiency is a good start. Whereas, for advanced audiences, you can create videos that have information on battery storage systems for solar panels. 

Use clear, concise, and simple language to explain intricate topics. Showcase how solar panel installation can solve your prospect’s pain points like reducing energy bills. Also, the high upfront cost of solar installation is a major reason to push back qualified leads. For them, create videos that educate them about different solar financing options available to offset the solar cost. Consider keeping videos up to 2 to 5 minutes long with dynamic music and visuals.


Case Study Videos

Case study videos provide a more detailed picture of a project that your solar company has completed in the past. These videos showcase your problem-solving skills and expertise in your field. It talks about the challenges in a specific project and how you resolved it with your adeptness. For example, it can be a complex solar project with battery storage, indicated roof structure, or large-scale commercial solar installation.

In case study videos, you need to tell a story that starts with a customer introduction, their specific solar requirements, and associated challenges. It highlights the designing process, the team involved in the action, and interviews with members playing major roles in the solar project. You need to show how your solar company addressed all the challenges and met customer expectations.

Let customers talk about their goals, concerns, and their satisfaction after the completion of the project. Just like testimonial videos, case study viruses should encourage viewers to take the next course of action. You should end it with a compelling and clear call to action.



Behind-the-scenes videos provide a glimpse into the indoor operations of your solar business. It gives a human touch to your company that helps in building trust. Such videos exhibit that you care about every solar installation you do. BTS videos include project design, initial site assessment, manufacturing process of solar panels (if you are partnered with the manufacturer), solar installation process, system monitoring, and maintenance procedures.

You can also introduce your team featuring engineers, sales consultants, installers, and other employees who play key roles in the entire process. Avoid including everything in one single video. Focus on specific levels of the solar installation process that viewers will find interesting.

Showcase the equipment that you use and how you pay meticulous attention to every project you undertake. Ask your team members to show their work and how their utmost goal is customer satisfaction. Promote behind-the-scenes videos across multiple social media channels to reach a wide audience.


  • Before and After Project Videos

Before and After Project Videos solar panels

Before and after project completion videos are another great tool to showcase your expertise and grab the attention of your prospects. It shows a house without solar panels transformed with sleek PV (photovoltaic) systems. This type of video is widely popular on YouTube and other sites to market your unique offering.

These types of videos also increase credibility and trust among your potential customers. These videos exhibit that you are a real company that is completing solar projects in real. This way viewers can also check the quality of products that you use in your project.

Before and after project videos showcase the transformation that your solar business delivers to your clients. It works as a genuine proof of the workmanship quality and allows you to show how a home looks after the solar panel installation. This grabs attention, builds trust, generates leads, and ultimately converts them into customers.


  • Environmental Impact Videos

Environmental Impact Videos

Environmental impact videos are a great tool to reach audiences who are concerned about sustainability. Climate change is one of the major concerns today. By showcasing the positive impact of solar power, you can attract the environment-conscious crowd to your brand and establish your company as one of the leaders who want to fight against climate change.

Don’t just focus on visuals, consider backing up your information with data. Display how solar energy minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. Use infographics, real-time data, and animations from your solar installation projects. Connect with local residents who are concerned about the environment and ask them to share how solar power reduces carbon footprint and air pollution.

You can also partner with environmental groups to make your video even more impactful. Allow them to share their expertise on the concept of climate change and how solar power can help people combat this issue. End your video with a clear call to action to encourage viewers to learn more about your solar company, or get a free quote or consultation.


Concluding Thoughts

By now you must have understood that video marketing is a powerful tool for your solar business. There are 7 ways to use this tool to grab the attention of your audience and generate maximum leads for your solar business.

From showcasing your company culture, customer testimonials, and educational clips to case studies, behind-the-scenes, before and after project videos, and visuals highlighting environmental impact and how solar panels help in reducing it, videos can be a powerful weapon to capture the attention of your potential customers.

No matter whether you choose one or all, understand your requirements first. 

Now, get ready to craft the most compelling visuals that increase your conversion rate and yield stronger results! 


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